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This website was put together by researchers from the Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology at Imperial College London. We aim to give an objective view of what is generally known but have drawn particularly on our own research


Professor Vivette Glover, Professor of Perinatal Psychobiology


Dr Kieran O’Donnell, Research fellow McGill University


Paul Blakeley, Research assistant Imperial College London


Anna Bugge Jensen, PhD student Cardiff University


Laura Freeman, PhD student Imperial College London



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Dr Elizabeth Hawke (see also Short Science).


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David Dugan – Head


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Extra Information


Professor Vivette Glover hosts an annual meeting specifically on this topic for medical professionals, policy makers and anyone interested about these issues.


The last meeting took place on Friday, 12 June 2014.  Please check back again soon for more information about our 2015 meeting.


The information contained on this site is drawn from a wide range of sources.  A selection of publications are detailed below for those interested in the subject of fetal programming and perinatal mental health.


Origins by Annie Paul Muprhy (2011)


Oxford Textbook of Women and Mental Health edited by Dora Kohen (2010)


The Fetal Matrix by Peter Gluckman and Mark Hanson (2004)


Life Before Birth: The Challenges of Fetal Development and Life in the Womb: The Origin of Health and Disease by Peter Nathanielsz