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This website was put together by researchers from the Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology at Imperial College London. We aim to give an objective view of what is generally known but have drawn particularly on our own research


Professor Vivette Glover, Professor of Perinatal Psychobiology


Dr Kieran O’Donnell, Research fellow McGill University


Paul Blakeley, Research assistant Imperial College London


Anna Bugge Jensen, PhD student Cardiff University


Laura Freeman, PhD student Imperial College London



Public Communications


Dr Elizabeth Hawke (see also Short Science).


The films were made by Windfall Films:


David Dugan – Head


Joe Myerscough – Assistant Producer


Sarah Barker – Assistant





David Glover – Channel 4


Dev Nayar – Highgate Wood School



Website design


Karsten Siepp









4 Responses to About Us

Nicki Jeffries says:

The website is a great source of information, look forward to it ‘growing’. I work in the field of community children and families, preventative / early intervention (FNP).

Di Nathan says:

What a great website. Interesting and informative. I work as a Perinatal Emotional Health clinician in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, and this website will improve my confidence and understanding of all of the issues. Thank you. Regards, Di.

Nicole says:

Hi – this is a wonderful site and we are promoting it widely in Australia. I was wondering if someone could direct me the the appropriate person to seek permission to use one of your photographs (fetus in womb) and reference the site in our publications.
Kind regards,

risa m. mandell says:


Thank you for all you’re doing.
I’m a clinical social worker and play therapist in the USA and thought you might like to know about my proposal, WeBePlay for integrating infant and early childhood mental health care into obstetric and pediatric care, which is available for viewing and comments until January 31 at the following link, http://www.scattergoodfoundation.org/innovideas/webeplay#.UOcl5tUl1js.gmail. I hope that you will find/create a moment to review it and if you find it has merit, to enter a positive comment as doing so will give it a boost for consideration as a finalist. I’d also personally welcome any comments or questions you may have about it.

With appreciation and regard,

Risa M. Mandell, LCSW, RPT
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Registered Play Therapist
Philadelphia, PA USA 19119

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