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What happens in the womb can last a lifetime



The role of Epigenetics



Charlie’s Story:



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Tage Jensen says:

Amazing videos well done

Dr M Rigler says:

This is a wonderful initiative and should take a key place in the developing “Libraries and Health” project . Please, please get in touch so that we can plan ways of working together. Regads Malcolm Rigler GP and “Libraries and Health” protagonist.

Mark Swift says:

Congratulations on this important work. It is a really useful educational resource and makes the science of epigenetics far more accessible to people. Thanks

Mark Swift
The Wellbeing Project CIC

Vivette Glover ended her presentation with a short film on prenatal epigenetics, which is one of many interesting resources on her website (

jasmine says:

Those videos are awesome

Wahiba Abdo says:

This is brilliant. Well done on this fascinating work.

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