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1. How may a mother’s emotional state affect the development of her baby in the womb?

2. How can the father help?

3. What do you think the evolutionary reasons may be for the mother’s emotional state during pregnancy having an effect on her unborn baby?

4. What is epigenetics?

5. When do you think the fetus may start to feel pain?

6. Charlie’s Story:

What do you think? Is Charlie responsible for his actions?

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2 Responses to Questions

alana says:

I’m feeling rather guilty as I stressed during my pregnancy. My baby was born 2.6kg which is rather small, and is10 months now and is a happy healthy baby.

Im concerned that she may develop problems later after reading this?Are there studies or evidence showing that you can reverse any possible damage?

kieran says:

Hi Alana,

Apologies for the long delay in response. We do try to emphasise that not all children are affected by stress in pregnancy as we dont want to unduly worry women. Sometimes life events happen, worries and stress are an inevitable part of life. We want to make women aware of the fact that they should take time in pregnancy for themselves and realise that mental health is an important component of a ‘healthy’ pregnancy.
In terms of the what can be done in the postnatal period, we know from some of our studies that some of the effects of negative events in pregnancy can be buffered by supportive parenting and a secure attachment style (a psychological term that basically describes the relationship between mother and child). The fact that your child is a happy health baby is testament that not all children are affected by stress during pregnancy and the postnatal environment plays a role too.
I hope this helps and feel free to drop us another email anytime (we’ll try to be a bit quicker with the next response!).
All the best,

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