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Debbie Chittenden says:

This is an excellent website and I am grateful for it as I can inform the student health visitors about it.

I hope you will be able to have a link from sites like net mums to it.

I also hope that it will become normal practice for health visitors to perform antenatal visits and talk to parents about their future relationship with their baby. This website could be a useful place to direct parents to, following their antenatal visit.

Thank you
Senior Lecturer

Duncan Fisher says:

Great website. In the section on fathers and social support, please put in something about the importance of the father developing an attachment with the child from the prenatal stage. This triggers his own hormonal changes – these changes in turn bring out his protective and caring instincts and this experience, often the most intense of his whole life, is the foundation of his positive contribution to health of baby and mother. It is different from just being a helper.

Alice Dodge says:

I am working on a new BBC3 show and I am looking for couples who are having their first baby. I am ideally looking for couples who are about 3-4 months currently. Like always we are trying to spread the news as far as possible.

The idea of the show is that we get the father a lot more involved with the pregnancy. I have read various reports that if the father is involved more throughout the pregnancy period it promotes a happier family life from the start. Fathers can often feel excluded during this time as you know. He will be taught everything he needs to by professional midwives. He will then join the delivery team for the birth of their first child. Here is a link to it in the press… This might explain a little more

Have a wonderful Christmas

Alice x

Bruce Wilson says:

This is a wonderful, well-needed site. The videos are excellent. As a science/medical journalist, prenatal and perinatal influences on health is my main interest. It would be nice to see some information on how epigenetic changes can be reversed, either through pharmacology or psychotherapy.

Thanks for doing this.

Bruce Wilson
Montreal, Quebec

Suzanne Higgins says:

Very important information conveyed in an accessible way. I will share this widely with staff who work with families and students, as well as anyone else who might be interested. Many thanks, Suzanne, Geelong, Australia

Fiona Dill says:

As a childbirth educator and doula I was aware of this but am delighted to have found this website putting all the information together in such a succinct yet accessible way. Do you do study days/workshops…if so, would love to attend one! Thanks. Fiona

Veronique says:

I want to comment on your brilliant epigenetics explanation video. I showed it to my nutrition science class this week to introduce the topic, and it was very effective. Precise, clear and simple. Great work, thank you!

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