Charlie’s story

This story is about a 19-year-old boy named Charlie, who has been recently found guilty of stealing and is being taken to prison. He is a badly behaved teenager who is aggressive towards people, and popular opinion would say that he deserves to go to prison. However, it is important to know Charlie’s story before making harsh judgments.

During pregnancy, Charlie’s mother suffered from anxiety due to various reasons, as there was no support from her family or her partner. As a baby, he always used to whine and was constantly crying.

His mother was unable to handle all of this and provide Charlie with all the love and care. She was not able to provide him with basic comforts. More than the material aspects, what lacked was affection from his parents.

All of this started to affect his behavior as he grew up. He was distracted and inattentive in school, doing badly in studies. He broke rules at every step and turned into a complete truant. By his teenage years, Charlie had taken to various criminal activities.

It was his mother’s stress during pregnancy coupled with growing up in a harsh environment that led Charlie to foster ADHD as he grew up. It became very difficult to control him. His mother also suffered from depression, which worsened the situation for Charlie and his family.

One could spot the signs of a criminal-in-the-making from his ADHD, slow learning capability, and conduct disorder. Hence, the combination of genes and the physical environment facilitated, if not completely contributed, to Charlie growing up and becoming a criminal.

Had Charlie been exposed to a different life, he might not have chosen the path that he did.